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Genus: Trichopsetta, Flounders, Sash Flounder

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eyes: close together, smooth crest between
D 89-104
mouth to ~mid eye
7-11 lower gill rakers
pelvic bases ~equal



Body not very elongate (depth at least 37% of SL); eyes on left side of head, close together, with a spineless crest between them, no tentacles on eyes; mouth moderate length, ends under middle of eye, 32-45% of head length; snout concave on upper side; teeth small, pointed, almost entirely on blind side jaws; 7-11 lower gill rakers; dorsal origin in front of top eye, dorsal rays 89-104; anal rays 69-85; pectoral fin on both sides, rays not branched; eye side pelvic fin with base about equal to that of blind side fin, situated on body midline, its origin slightly behind that of blind side fin and well behind lower eye; lateral line on eye side only, strongly arched above the pectoral, no branch under lower eye.

A Greater Caribbean genus with 4 deepwater species; 2 enter shallow water in our region.