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Genus: Gastropsetta, Shrimp Flounder, Flounders

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no notch before eye
D origin well before eye, 58-65, front rays long
lower gill rakers 6-9
eye-side pelvic longer
eye-side scales smooth
LL arched



Body deep; eyes on left side; upper margin of head smoothly convex; teeth small, conical, 1 row on jaws, equally developed on blind and eyed sides; gill rakers short and thick, 3-6+6-9; origin of dorsal fin well before upper eye, between it and lower eye; dorsal rays 58-65, front rays elongated; pectoral fins on both sides of body, with branched rays, fin larger on eye side; pelvic fins symmetrically positioned on belly, short bases, eye-side fin about twice as long as blind side fin, base of neither fin on body midline; urinary papilla on eyed-side, anus on blind side; lateral line well developed on both sides, strongly arched over pectoral fin, with branch under lower eye; scales smooth and imbedded on eye side; 3 ocelli on eye side.

A W Atlantic genus with a single member.