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Genus: Epinnula, Domine, Domine Snake Mackerel

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body depth ~1/4 SL
preopercle: 2 spines
pelvics > pectorals
2LL, lower branches off behind pectoral
D & A no finlets
skin smooth, scales small, no tubercles, no belly keel



Body deep (~1/4 SL), compressed; head 25-33% SL, a bump before nostrils; lower corner of preopercle with 2 small sharp spines; operculum with 2 flat spines; lower jaw projects, neither jaws have front knobs; top jaws with several pairs of fixed & flexible fangs at front, lower jaws with 1 pair of fixed fangs at front; 1st dorsal high, XV-XVI + 13-17 (its base <1/2 length of 1st dorsal base); anal fin slightly smaller than 2nd dorsal, I+I free spines + I, 13-17; no dorsal and anal finlets; pectoral short, rounded, 15; pelvics larger than pectorals I, 5; tail base without keel; lateral lines double, running near upper and lower body profiles, lower splits off from the top line via a vertical branch a little behind pectoral base; skin smooth, scales small, no tubercles, no belly keel.

A genus with one species, at scattered locations in all 3 oceans.