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Genus: Foetorepus, Dragonets

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opercular spine - 2 points, curves up
side belly - no skin fold
D 8; A 7



Elongate, somewhat depressed, no skin fold along side of belly; eyes large, on upper side of head; a small mouth that angles down when open, with a protrusible top jaw; a large, up-curved, two-pointed spine on the preoperculum, but no spines or the operculum; gill openings small and high on the shoulder; two dorsal fins, IV flexible spines + 8 soft rays; anal fin with 7 rays and no spines; pectorals large, rounded; pelvics insert under preopercular spine, large, reach past anal fin origin in males; tail fin long, with filaments in males; lateral line complete, extends onto tail fin; no scales.

A genus with 14 species; 1 NW Atlantic, 2 W Atlantic species in our area.