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Genus: Omobranchus, Combtooth blenny, Blennies

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slender, elongate
no cirri
D XIII, little/no notch
fins all rays unbranched
gill opening high on side
LL = short arch over pectoral



Very elongate; head very blunt to slightly rounded; fleshy crest on top of head present or absent; no cirri on nostrils, nape or eyes; upper jaw teeth fixed, fewer than 50; an enlarged canine on each side at rear of lower jaw; gill opening not extending below pectoral base; dorsal spines X-XIV, 16-26, little or no notch between spines and rays; anal fin II, 18-27; segmented tail fin rays 12-15; pectoral fin 12-14; pelvic fin I, 2; all fin rays unbranched; lateral line restricted to a short arch over the pectoral fin, with 0-9 bi-pored tubes; no scales.

An Indo-west Pacific genus with 24 species; 1 Indo-W Pacific species introduced to the S Caribbean.