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Genus: Nemaclinus, Blenny, Threadfin Blenny

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simple cirri: eye (long in male) & nape
pectoral 12, central rays v long
pelvic: long, reaches center A





Elongate, compressed; front nostril tubular, without cirrus; eye with a long, flattened, simple cirrus; nape with 1 pair of short simple cirri; top edge of top jaw tucked into a fold of skin when mouth is closed; front of roof of mouth with 4-7 large teeth, sides without any; upper jaws with 2 rows of teeth, lower jaws with 1 row; dorsal fin XXI-XXIII, 7-9, no notch between spines and rays; anal fin II, 18-19; pectoral 12, rays 8-9 (counted from above) elongate in both sexes; pelvic fins with with I (internal), 3, inner ray vestigial, other rays long, reaching to the center of the anal fin base, inserted before pectoral base; all fin rays unbranched; lateral line incomplete, well developed at front only, front arched part with 8-10 scales with tubes, rear straight part with an occasional pored scale; body completely scaled, smooth scales, head without scales.

A genus with 1 species, which is endemic to the Greater Caribbean.