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Genus: Haptoclinus, Fourfin Blenny

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D 4 parts: III (high) +I + XIII-XIV, 13-14
head no spines or papillae



Body elongate; head large, pointed, without spines or papillae; front nostril in a long tube; mouth large, oblique, opens at the front; front edge of the top lip free of snout; teeth small, pointed, on both jaws (1 row, 2 rows at front) and in 1 row on center and sides of roof of mouth; no opercular spine; dorsal fin in 4 parts, III+I+XIII-XIV spines + 12-14 rays; anal fin II, 20 (20-21); pectoral 12-13, pointed in center, reaches back to over 3rd anal fin ray; pelvic fin I, 3, last ray reduced to a tiny knob the size of the rudimentary spine; tail fin straight; fin rays all unbranched; body naked or covered with small, smooth, thin overlapping scales except on front and  on belly; 41 scales along mid-side; no lateral line tubes or canals on body.

A genus with 2 species, both endemic to the Caribbean.