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Genus: Sparisoma, Parrotfishes, Rough-beak Parrotfish

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teeth fused in rough beak, individually visible, lips covering
lower jaw projects



Body elongate, somewhat compressed; teeth fused into a beak with broad plates, outer surface of plates rough with individual teeth visible, mostly covered by lips; front edge of top jaw inside front edge of lower jaw when mouth is closed; 1-2 canines on rear side of top jaw; large crushing plates of molar teeth form “pharyngeal mill” in throat; dorsal fin IX, 10, no notch between spines and rays; anal fin III, 9; scales large, smooth, 1 row on cheek, 4 scales on center of nape before dorsal fin; lateral line in 2 sections.

A trans-Atlantic genus with 15 species; 8 species in the Greater Caribbean, including 6 endemics and 2 W Atlantic.