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Genus: Cryptotomus, Bluelip Parrotfish, Parrotfishes

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slender, cigar shaped, snout pointed
front nostril - no flap
teeth not fused, free, tips- flat, pointed





Body elongate (depth 22-25% of SL), cigar-shaped; snout pointed; no cirrus at front nostril; teeth not fused into a beak, free, with flattened pointed tips; without canines on side of rear of top jaw; large crushing plates of molar teeth form “pharyngeal mill” in throat; gill membranes with free fold of skin at midline under throat; gill rakers 10-11; dorsal fin IX, 10, no notch between spines and rays; anal fin III, 9; scales large, smooth; 4 scales on top of nape before dorsal fin; lateral line in 2 sections.

The genus contains a single W and central Atlantic species.