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Genus: Joturus, Bobo Mullet, Mullets

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top of head convex
no fatty eyelid
D2 10
mouth under snout
A II, 11
soft D & A - covered with scales





Body robust; upper surface of head convex between eyes; no fatty eyelid; mouth small, opens under projecting snout; jaw teeth small and rigidly set into jawbones, tooth patch on each lower jaw well separated; 27-40 lower gill rakers; two short, widely spaced dorsal fins, IV + I, 10; anal fin II, 11 (rarely 10); second dorsal and anal covered with small scales; 38-46 lateral scales; no lateral line.

A genus with a single, Greater Caribbean endemic species that is found only along the continental shores of the Greater Caribbean, and the Greater Antilles.