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Genus: Pempheris, Sweeper, Sweepers

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oblong, deep, v compressed
eye large; snout v short
D IV-VI, 8-10
A III, 22-36
LL arched, high, to C margin



Small; body oblong, deep, highly compressed; upper profile ~horizontal; chest with a keel before pelvic fins; eye large (1/3 of head length; snout very short; mouth moderate, strongly oblique, opening upwards; teeth small; gill rakers long and numerous; dorsal fin short based, IV-VI weak spines, 8-10 rays, its origin before anal fin origin; anal fin with long base, III (1st very short), 22-36 rays; tail fin forked; pectoral long and pointed, 15-18; most scales rough, smooth on flank; anal fin with a scaly sheath, scales extend well onto tail fin; lateral line complete, arched high along back, extends almost to tips of central tail rays; 48-61 pored scales to tail fin base.

A W Atlantic and Indo-W Pacific genus with ~20 species; 2 species in 1 genus in our area, 1 endemic, 1 W Atlantic.