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Genus: Leiostomus, Croaker, Spot Croaker

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oblong, humped
snout overhangs small, horizontal mouth
preopercle smooth



Body short and deep; back humped; snout overhangs small, horizontal mouth; chin without barbell, with 5 pores; snout with 5 edge pores, 5 more at front; teeth simple, in bands; preopercle edge soft, smooth; 30-36 short, slender gill rakers; top corner of gill opening notched; dorsal fin continuous, XI spines, with deep notch between spines and rays, 29-35 soft rays; anal fin with short base, II, 12-13 soft rays; tail straight to slightly concave; the lateral line extends to the center of the end of the tail fin.

A northwest Atlantic genus with a single specie.