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Genus: Erythrocles, Crimson Rover, Rovers

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D: deep notch, XI
tail base: fleshy keel



Body elongate, oval, compressed; head large, pointed; mouth highly protrusible; rear bone of top jaw expanded, scaled, exposed when mouth is closed; jaws toothless or with a few minute conical teeth; rear edge of opercle with 2-3 flat points; lower corner of preopercle rounded, projecting a little to rear as a thin plate; preopercle smooth to weakly serrated; gill rakers long and numerous (33-44); dorsal fin notched to its base, but without a distinct gap, XI, 9-12; anal fin III, 9-10; pectoral fin 18-20; pelvics I, 5; tail base with a fleshy keel; tail fin strongly forked; head and body covered with finely rough scales; soft dorsal and anal fins with a scaly sheath at the base, which covers most of last 2-3 rays; tail fin heavily scaled on its base; lateral line with 68-73 tubed scales.

An Atlantic and Indo-central Pacific genus with 6 species; 1 W Atlantic species in our area.