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Genus: Pseudocaranx, Trevallies, Trevally Jack

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D1 higher than D2
D & A: no finlets behind
lips fleshy, with papillae, top lip projects
pectoral > head
straight LL: scutes





Body oblong, moderately compressed in adults; both jaws with a single row of blunt conical teeth, top jaw sometimes with an inner row of conical teeth at front; lips notably fleshy and covered with papillae, top lip projects beyond lower lip; top jaw not reaching under eye; pectoral fins longer than head; dorsal and anal fins not followed by finlets; 1st dorsal higher than second; tail base slender; tail strongly forked; rear part (but not curved front part) of lateral line with scutes (large, hard spiny scales).

A circumglobal genus with 6 species; 1 Atlantic species in the Greater Caribbean.