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Genus: Rachycentron, Cobia

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elongate, ~cylindrical
head pointed, flat
D VI-IX (separated spines) + I, 26-33
A II-III, 22-28
teeth small





Body elongate, nearly cylindrical; head pointed, broad and flattened; mouth large, at front, lower jaw projecting; teeth small, simple, on jaws, roof of mouth and tongue; dorsal fin with VII-IX short, separated (not connected by membrane) spines, soft part 26-33, long, and low, slightly raised at front; anal fin like soft dorsal, I-III, 22-28; tail fin concave in adults (rounded in juveniles), upper tip longer; pectorals pointed, curved; pelvics short, inserted before pectoral base; scales small, imbedded in thick skin; lateral line a little wavy at front.

A genus with a single species that occurs in the Indo-W Pacific and both sides of the Atlantic.