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Genus: Pomatomus, Bluefish

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D VII-VIII + I, 23-28
A II-III, 23-27
teeth: compressed, triangular, 1 row, fixed together
membrane flap over bone below preoperculum
soft D & A: scale covered





Body sturdy, elongated, compressed; head large; mouth large, opens at front, lower jaw sometimes projecting; jaw teeth prominent, triangular, sharp, compressed, fixed together, in a single row; preopercle with a membrane flap over bone below it; two dorsal fins: VII-VIII weak, short spines + I, 23-28 low, long soft dorsal; anal fin a little shorter than soft dorsal, II-III, 23-27; tail fin moderately forked; pectorals short; pelvics inserted before pectoral base; scales small, covering head, body and bases of vertical fins and all of soft dorsal and anal; lateral line complete, straight.

A genus with one cosmopolitan (except for the E Pacific) species, which occurs in the Greater Caribbean.