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Genus: Lipogramma, Basslets, Thick-rayed Basslet

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base C - short rays thick
preopercle smooth
opercle: 1 short, flat spine
no LL



Elongate, compressed body; eye large, snout short; mouth at front; teeth on jaws, front and sides of roof of mouth; preopercle edge smooth; opercle with 1 short, flat projection; gill rakers long, 15-35; dorsal fin XI-XIV, 6-10; anal fin III, 6-10; pectorals rounded, 14-19; pelvics I, 5, with 1st ray elongated, sometimes reaching past anal fin base; short rays on upper and lower base of tail fin thick and spiny; no lateral line.

An endemic genus with 13 named and two unnamed species ; all are included here.