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Genus: Jeboehlkia, Bladefin Bass Grouper, Bladefin Bass

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D: VIII, II = long white blade, 9
no LL





Body moderately elongate and compressed; head pointed; eye large; front nostril tubular, near top lip; mouth moderately large, slightly oblique, lower jaw projecting; rear of top jaw exposed when mouth closed, with accessory bone above it; rear edge of preopercle toothed, with 3 forward pointing spines below; operculum with 3 spines at rear, central one largest; dorsal fin with VIII spines (1st minute and buried, 2nd a long blade), 9 rays, strongly notched; tail fin rounded; scales small, rough, head with scales on cheeks and opercle; lateral line absent.

A genus with a single species, endemic to the Greater Caribbean.