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Genus: Hypoplectrus, Hamlet Grouper, Hamlets

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body deep, compressed
forehead straight
D X (membranes not indented), 14-17, no notch
C slightly forked
teeth fixed
LL 48-53



Head and body deep, strongly compressed; forehead straight; snout relatively short; top jaw protrusible; rear of top jaw exposed when mouth closed, without accessory bone above it; teeth fixed; preoperculum angular, serrated, several small forward pointing spines on lower edge near the corner; gill rakers 17-23; dorsal fin X, 14-17, no notch after spines, membranes between spines not indented; pelvics long, reach to or beyond anus; tail fin slightly forked; lateral line scales 48-53; soft dorsal and anal fins mostly scaleless.

This genus is endemic to the Greater Caribbean; there are 23 named species.