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Genus: Centropristis, Seabass Grouper, Seabasses

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D X, 10-12, spines with filaments
pectoral 16-20
C - 3 lobes
top jawbone - rear no scales
teeth fixed
gill rakers 17-29
LL 46-49



Body oblong, compressed; mouth large, rear of top jaw exposed when mouth closed, without scales; preopercle finely serrated, evenly rounded edge; opercle with 3 flat spines; gill rakers 17-29; dorsal fin X, 10-12, membranes between spines with a short filament in most species; pectorals 16-20; tail fin edge sinuous or 3 lobed, with upper, middle and lower rays longest; lateral line scales 46-49.

A NW Atlantic genus with 3 species; all in our area.