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Genus: Bathyanthias, Bass Grouper, Basses

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top head profile convex
front nostrils tubular
D VIII-IX, 13-15, shallow notch
C slightly concave
rear top jaw: small hook
opercular spine short



Body moderately elongate and compressed; head pointed, curved upper profile; eye moderate; front nostrils distinctly tubular, nearer lip than are rear nostrils; mouth moderately large, slightly oblique, lower jaw slightly projecting, rear of top jaw exposed when mouth closed, corner with weakly developed hook; rear edge of preopercle serrated; no prominent spines on opercle; dorsal fin VIII-IX, 13-15, weakly notched between spiny and soft parts; anus near origin of anal fin; tail slightly forked; lateral line in a broad arch to tail base.

A W Atlantic genus of deep water basses with6 species; 3 named and one unnamed species included here.