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Genus: Polyprion, Giant Sea Basses, Wreckfish, Wreckfishes

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knob over eyes, nape with ridge
D XI-XII, 11-12
teeth small
lower jaw strongly projects
operculum - horizontal ridge ends in spine
scales small, v rough, head & body





Body oblong, moderately deep, moderately compressed, grouper-like in shape; head spiny between eyes and on nape, rough in young fish; snout smooth; a bony knob over eyes; nape with a ridge; mouth opens at front, lower jaw strongly projecting; end of top jaw broad, exposed; jaw teeth small, no canines; small teeth in patches on roof of mouth and on tongue; upper operculum with a distinctive horizontal bony ridge that ends in a short spine, which has a small spine above; dorsal fin with XI-XII strong spines, 11-12 soft rays, a moderate notch between the 2 parts; end of tail fin straight in adults, rounded in juveniles; pectorals rounded, shorter than pelvics; anal fin II strong spines, 9-10 soft rays; scales small, very rough, covering body, head (except snout) and jaws; lateral line ends before tail fin.

A circumglobal genus of cool water fishes with 2 species; 1 transAtlantic species entering our area.