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Genus: Dactylopterus, Flying Gurnard, Flying Gurnards

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head in bony box
pectoral = v large fan





Moderately elongate; body squarish, tapering behind; head blunt, its top and sides in a bony shield; mouth small, on underside of head; jaws with a band of small, nodular teeth; lower corner of preopercle with a long spine, with a serrated keel; 2 dorsal fins, front 2 spines adjacent to each other, connected only by a basal membrane; pectoral fin with horizontal base, 6 short rays above, 26-30 long rays in a greatly enlarged fan that reaches tail fin base of adults; tail fin slightly concave, with 2 sharp keels at its base; scales hard, bony, with sharp keels.

An Atlantic genus with a single species, which occurs in the Greater Caribbean.