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Genus: Neomerinthe, Scorpionfish, Scorpionfishes

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no pit behind eyes
D XII, 9.5-10.5
roof mouth with side teeth
ridge under eye - 3 spines
preoperculum - 1st spine largest
pectoral: central rays longest, 16-18, upper branched
scales rough



Elongate, robust body; no pit behind eyes bony ridge under eye with 3 spines (not counting any on preoperculum); top preopercular spine is the longest; teeth on sides of roof of mouth; dorsal fin XII, 9.5-10.5 rays (last is split to base and counted as 1.5); pectoral fin wedge-shaped, longest rays in center, 16-18 rays, some upper rays branched at tip in adults; body scales rough; lateral line extends to base of tail fin.

A worldwide (except for the E Pacific) genus of deepwater scorpeonfishes with 12 species; 2 NW Atlantic species in our area.