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Genus: Pseudophallus, Fluvial Pipefish, Pipefishes

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D 28-44
side body ridge joints top tail ridge
C 10
pectoral 13-16
lower body & tail ridges joined
no A
brood pouch under tail



Snout short to moderate, with a low ridge along the top; dorsal fin 28-44 rays; anal fin absent; female with a long, spiny anal papilla pectoral fin 13-16 rays; no pelvic fins; tail 10 rays; upper body and tail ridges discontinuous; ridge on side of trunk joins side ridge then top ridge of tail; lower ridges of trunk and tail joined; edges of body ridges without indentations, denticles or skin flaps; trunk rings 13-15, total rings 41-53; brood pouch under tail rings 11-22, with large, plates that curl inwards up and into center of pouch .

A new world genus with 3 species; one W Atlantic species in our region.