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Genus: Minyichthys, Pipefishes, Uncommon Pipefish

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snout short, central ridge joins pr ridges atop head
D 21-33
C 8
pectoral 8-13
lower body & tail ridges NOT joined
A 2-3



Snout short; ridge all along center of snout joining at rear with a pair of ridges on top of head; ridge along operculum low, angles up and back; dorsal fin 21-33 rays; anal fin 2-3; pectoral fin rays 8-13; no pelvic fins; tail fin 8; trunk rings 17-21, total rings 52-62; upper body and tail ridges interrupted near rear of dorsal fin; lower trunk ridge ends near anus; side trunk ridge joins lower tail ridge just behind anus; brood pouch under the tail, plates close with 1 overlapping the other.

A trans-Atlantic and Indo-central Pacific genus with 4 species; 1 W Atlantic species in our area.