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Genus: Macroramphosus, Snipefish, Snipefishes

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oval, v compressed
slender tubular snout
D at rear, 2nd spine v large, serrated
flank - bony plates over pectoral
scales - ridged & spiny



Body very compressed, oval; head compressed; eyes large; mouth small, at front of a long tubular snout; no teeth on jaws; no gill rakers; pectoral fin with oblique base, slightly below midline; 1st dorsal fin V-VIII, second spine greatly elongated, with serrated rear edge; 2nd dorsal fin and anal fin just before tail base; pelvics on abdomen; anal fin below 2nd dorsal; tail fin concave to convex; bony plates along flank above pectoral and sometimes along centerline of belly; body covered with small scales that have sharp ridges and spines.

Two worldwide species in this genus; both in our area.