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Genus: Antigonia, Boarfish, Boarfishes

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deep body, v compressed, both profiles convex
head - radiating bony ridges; nape crest
D VIII-IX (III longest), 26-37
mouth small, oblique, protrusible
A II-III (I longest) similar to D
scales: edges keel + teeth





Body deep, rhomboidal, strongly compressed; upper and lower body profiles convex; head small, with radiating bony ridges; forehead profile concave; a distinct crest along nape; eyes large; mouth small, oblique, opens at front, top jaw protrusible; dorsal fin continuous, VIII-IX spines, 3rd longest; anal fin II-III spines, 1st longest, spines separate from rays; soft dorsal and anal fins with long bases, scaly sheaths; pectoral fins bluntly pointed, with I spine, 12-13 rays; pelvic fins I, 5; tail fin bluntly straight to rounded; scales with a toothed keel at rear + small teeth.

A worldwide genus with 17 species; 1 worldwide species and 1 NW Atlantic species entering shallow water there.