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Genus: Neoniphon, Squirrelfish Soldierfish, Squirrelfishes

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D - no gap after spines, front soft rays not long
C top lobe not longer
lower jaw projects
preoperculum - 1 strong spine
A 7-10



Body ovate, deep; mouth small, oblique; lower jaw usually projecting; snout pointed; eye very large; a series of slender spines on edges of bones of operculum and under eye; 1-2 enlarged spines on edge of operculum, a long stout spine at corner of preopercle; lower gill rakers 10-14; dorsal fin with XI spines, continuous, with last spine closer to 1st soft ray than to 2nd last spine, front rays not elongated; anal with IV spines, 3rd spine extremely long and stout, 7-10; pelvics I, 7; tail forked, lobes nearly equal in length; scales large, very rough.

A circumtropical genus with at least 12 species; 2 endemics in our area.