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Genus: Holocentrus, Squirrelfish Soldierfish, Squirrelfishes

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D - no gap after spines, front soft rays long
C top lobe longer
gill rakers 15-18
preoperculum angular, 1 strong spine
A 7-10



Body oblong, slender, compressed; head pointed; eyes large; bones on head serrated and spiny; mouth large, at front; lower gill rakers 15-18; preopercle with an angular corner bearing a large, long spine; a large spine at top corner of operculum; XI dorsal spines, no gap after last spine, front soft rays elongated; anal fin III-IV, 7-10; pelvics I, 7; tail base long and slender; tail fin deeply forked, with pointed tips, upper lobe distinctly longer than lower lobe; body scales very spiny.

An Atlantic genus with 2 species, 1 NW Atlantic and 1 trans-Atlantic, both in our area.