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Genus: Beryx, Alfonsino, Alfonsinos

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head ridged, many sensory canals
eye large
side-pointing spine under nostril
oval body
opercle & preopercle no spines



Body oval, compressed; head large; eye very large, much wider than snout length; top of head with large sensory canals covered by thin skin, separated by thin ridges; a conspicuous sideways projecting spine on bone just under nostrils and in front of eye; mouth large, oblique, not reaching under rear edge of eye, top jaw expanded at rear; teeth small, simple; preopercle edge without spines; 1 dorsal fin, III-V (front low), 12-20; anal fin III-IV, 25-30; pelvic I, 9-13; tail fin deeply forked; scales spiny; cheeks and opercle covered by scales; lateral line 61-82 pored scales, the last few on the tail fin.

A worldwide genus of deepwater fishes, with 3 species; 2 in our area.