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Genus: Kryptophanaron, Flashlight fish, Flashlight Fishes

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white light organ under eye



Moderately deep body; head moderate, with sensory canals on top separated by broad ridges and covered by skin; snout short and blunt; eye large, its diameter >snout length; light organ under eye with black raiseable shutter; mouth moderately oblique; teeth small and conical; dorsal fin in two parts, 1st; with IV spines, 2nd with II, 14, 2nd is twice as high as 1st; anal fin II, 10; tail fin deeply forked; scales small, strongly spiny; scales of lateral line and along bases of dorsal and anal fins enlarged; midline of belly with large keeled scales (scutes); body and fins black, light organ white.

The single species in this genus is endemic to the Greater Caribbean.