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Genus: Gymnothorax, Common Moray Eel, Moray, Moray Eels

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nostrils: front = tube, rear = hole
D origin before gill opening
jaws close completely, not arched
teeth all sharp



Front nostril a simple tube; rear nostril a hole, sometimes with a raised rim, at level of profile of head; lower jaw straight, mouth closes completely and covers teeth; teeth sharp, some enlarged, none like molars, a single row on front roof of mouth, top jaw with teeth in 1-2 rows, inner row not very large, with 1 or more depressible fangs at front; gill opening usually with body coloration; dorsal and anal fins covered with skin, but evident; dorsal fin origin before gill opening; lateral line pores absent except for 1-2 pores above and before gill opening.

A circumglobal tropical to warm temperate genus with ~116 species; with 11 species, in our area (2 Atlantic, 3 NW Atlantic, 5 west Atlantic and one endemic).