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Genus: Pseudocarcharias, Crocodile Shark, Crocodile Shark

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long, cónical snout
very large eye
cylindrical, slender
D1 low, behind pectoral
tail base with keel





A cylindrical, slender, small (1.1 m) shark; snout long, conical, bulbous; eyes very large; mouth large, angular, ventral, protrusible; teeth large, two rows at front on each jaw, long and awl-like at front; five long gill slits, all before the pectoral; first dorsal low, triangular, behind pectoral; second dorsal smaller, between pelvics and anal; anal fin small, after base of 2nd dorsal; pectoral fin small, short, broad; tail asymmetric, upper lobe long, lower lobe short but well defined; tail base with a keel on each side and a pit above and below.

This genus contains a single circumtropical species.