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Genus: Cyprinodon, Pupfishes

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teeth - 3 points
large scale behind operculum



Body moderately deep and chubby; head flattened; snout short and blunt; front nostril not tubular; covering of eye not continuous with skin of head; mouth wide, oblique, at front, protrusible; teeth compressed, 3-pointed; dorsal fin short based, 9-18 rays, at mid-body, its origin well before anal fin origin; anal fin with all rays branched, 8-13; pectoral fin short, 13-20 rays, low on side; pelvics small, 6-7 rays, on belly well behind pectoral base; tail fin bluntly rounded; body with large, smooth scales; head scaly; an enlarged scale just behind upper corner of operculum; 23-29 lateral scales; lateral line reduced to a series of pits along side of body.

A genus with ~36 species; found from the US to Venezuela, and in the W Indies; 4 species entering brackish and salt water in our area.