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Genus: Gambusia, Gambusias, Mosquitofish Gambusia, Mosquitofishes, Topminnows

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teeth curved
male: pelvic tips not swollen, pectoral 5th ray scalloped
male sex organ - no fleshy palp, with hooks above tip



Head and body moderately robust, moderately compressed at rear; head depressed; front nostril not tubular; covering of eye not continuous with skin of head; mouth small, opens at front, slightly oblique, lower jaw slightly projecting, top jaw protractile; jaw teeth consist of an outer row of large backward curved teeth, and several rows of small pointed teeth; 1 dorsal fin with short base, at rear of body, 6-12 rays; anal fin origin distinctly before dorsal fin origin in both sexes; pelvic origin well behind pectoral base, near anal fin, tips of fins of males not swollen; pectorals high on flank, modified in male, with 5th ray scalloped near its tip; 3rd anal ray unbranched; anal fin modified in male to form an elongate sex organ, tip of that organ curved upwards, with forward-ward pointing hooks near top of tip, without a fleshy palp; tail base relatively narrow; tail fin rounded; scales smooth and relatively large.

A genus of N and Central America and Antillean fresh and brackishwater fishes with about 42 species; 8 species found in brackish water in our area.