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Genus: Alepidomus, Cuban Silverside, Silversides

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silver stripe narrow
gill rakers < / = 21
breast, throat, bases D & A - no scales



Eye large (> snout length); head relatively deep, top profile straight; top jaw not extendable; premaxilla (front top jaw bone) with rear end narrow and pointed (not expanded), with a bony process above its center; lower jaw slightly longer than upper; gill rakers </= 21, long and slender; 1st dorsal V, origin well before anal origin, behind pectoral origin; anal fin with I front spine; rear edges of soft dorsal and anal fins notably concave; pectoral fin inserted high on body, above mid-level of eye; pelvic fin on belly, I, 5, inserted closer to pectoral base than anal fin origin; tail fin forked; no lateral line; no scales under throat, front of breast and under pectoral; no scales along bases of anal and dorsal fins; 10 scale rows from anal fin to middle of back; silver stripe narrow (width <1/2 height of scale under dorsal fin).

This genus contains a single species, known only from Cuba.