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Genus: Malthopsis, Batfishes, Gnome Seabat Batfish, Seabats

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disc triangular
rostrum short, slender, upturned
subopercular spine large, thick, curves back
pectoral separated from tail
underside - 2 rows cones + dense prickles



Head depressed, but elevated above disk; disc triangular; tail long; mouth small; cavity on snout for lure is small; lure a single central bulb without lobes, usually with a small, distinctly upturned, conical rostrum overhanging it; no cover over pupils; buckler at angle of operculum with a large, thick, back-pointing spine at end; gill rakers in form of tiny pads of teeth set on small stalks; gill openings small, behind upper base of pectoral fin; dorsal and anal fins small, at rear of body; base of pectoral fins arm-like, well separated from body; pelvic fins not reduced in size; bony buckers and spines present; underside of body completely covered with scales; underside of tail densely covered with small prickles, plus 2 rows of large cone-like scales; lateral line usually complete, where interrupted rear part turns down just before anus.

A circumtropical (except for the E Pacific) genus with 7 species; 1 endemic species in our area.