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Genus: Vladichthys, Glover's Toadfish, Toadfishes

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opercular spines 2 + 1
glands on pectoral fin
no pore after pectoral base
no scales





Head and front of body greatly depressed; head with few barbells, none around lower jaw; 2 solid spines on upper opercle and 1 below those; teeth molar-like to pointed, but no canines; gill openings restricted to side, before pectoral fin base; 1 dorsal fin with III solid spines, 20-21 soft rays, spiny and soft parts joined; anal fin with 15-17 rays; dorsal and anal fins not joined to tail fin; discrete glands between upper pectoral rays on inner surface of fin; no pore opening to surface at rear of base of pectoral fin; 2 lateral lines, upper line with 15-16 pores, lower line with 13-19 pores; no light organs, no scales.

A W Atlantic genus with 3 species; 1 endemic to the Greater Caribbean.