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Genus: Thalassophryne, Poison Toadfish, Toadfishes

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teeth = canines
opercular spines: 1
glands on pectoral fin
no pore after pectoral base
no scales
1 LL



Head broad and flattened, greatly depressed; eyes on top of head, upward looking; mouth wide; teeth are canines; gill openings restricted to sides, just before pectoral base; only one (hollow) spine with venom gland on operculum, at top corner, no spine below that; gill openings restricted to side, before pectoral fin base; 2 dorsal fins, the first of II strong, sharp, hollow spines with venom glands; pelvics I, 2-3, before pectoral base; pectorals with glandular tissue scattered over outer part of fin, no pore behind base of pectoral; soft dorsal (17-21 rays) and anal (16-20 rays) fins long based, low; tail small, rounded; 1 lateral line, no light organs; no scales.

A SW Atlantic genus with 6 species; two of which, both endemics, are in the Greater Caribbean.