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Genus: Sanopus, Coral Toadfish, Coral Toadfishes

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no tentacle over eye
operculum - 2 + 1 spines
no glands on pectoral fin
pore after pectoral base
no scales



Relatively long bodied; head depressed, with many branched barbells and skin flaps, especially along lower jaw; no prominent branched tentacle above eye; front nostrils are tubular; operculum with 2 solid spines at top corner and one at bottom corner; no canine teeth; gill openings restricted to side, before pectoral fin base; 1st dorsal fin with 3 solid spines; a large pore leading to a group of glands just behind base of pectoral fin; no glands on pectoral fin itself; 29-34 dorsal fin rays; 24-28 anal fin rays; 2 lateral lines, 30-41 papillae on upper line, 27-36 on lower line, no light organs; no scales.

A W Atlantic genus with 6 species; 5 endemics and 1 W Atlantic species in the Greater Caribbean.