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Genus: Stygnobrotula, Black Brotula, Brotulas

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snout: v blunt, square, overhanging = large eye
head scaled
D & C fully joined to C
rear top jaw not expanded
roof mouth - no teeth



Head and body distinctly compressed, body tapering to rear; snout very short (= eye diameter) blunt, overhanging mouth; front nostril is immediately above the top lip; eye large; top jaw bone narrow and rounded at rear, mouth ends just behind eye; sides of roof of mouth without teeth; some jaw teeth enlarged; no central tooth patch at bottom of gill arches; operculum without a spine; 3-4 well developed gill rakers; pectoral fin 21-23; pelvic fin with 1 ray; tail fin continuous with dorsal and anal fins; lateral line in 2 overlapping pieces; head with scales.

A genus with 1 species found in the Greater Caribbean and Brazil.