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Genus: Anarchias, Moray, Moray Eels, Pygmy Moray Eel

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pore behind rear nostril over eye
D & A = low crests on tail
tail: ~1/2 TL, tip hard, pointed



Elongate, slender, compressed; snout short, conical, broad; eye slightly before middle of jaw; jaws about equal sized; teeth conical, two rows at front of jaws, one row on sides; front nostril tubular, pointing forward; rear nostril a hole above center of eye, with large pore immediately beside; gill opening a small slit at about mid-flank; tail about half total length, its tip hard and pointed; dorsal and anal fins present as skin-covered folds at rear of taill; no pectorals; lateral line pores absent except for 1-2 (usually) pores above and before gill opening.

A circumtropical genus with about 9 species, with one trans-Atlantic species in the Greater Caribbean.