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Genus: Monomitopus, Brotulas, Threespine Brotula

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eye = / < snout
head scaled
opercle - strong spine
preopercle - 2-3 spines at angle
base gill arches: 1 tooth patch
pelvic = 1 filament under preopercle





Body elongate, relatively deep, compressed, tapering to rear; head length about ½ length before anus; eye equal to or slightly < snout; front nostril halfway between top lip and rear nostril; jaw teeth granular, small and close-set; 1 tooth-patch at lower front of gill arches; long gill rakers 16 or more; operculum with 1 straight, rounded, strong spine; preoperculum with 2-3 spines at lower angle; pelvic fins with 1 ray, shorter than head, close together, under preopercle; pectoral fins nearer center of side than lower profile, 26-35 rays; tail fin continuous with dorsal and anal; body covered with small, smooth scales; head scaled.

The genus, which contains 14 species, is found in tropical and subtropical areas of all oceans, in deeper water. There are 2 W Atlantic species in our area, one of which enters shallow water.