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Genus: Phycis, Longfin Phycid Hake, Phycid Hakes

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D1 short-base, long 1st ray
D2 long base, straight edge
each pelvic = 2 v long rays, pass A base
A long base, not indented



Body soft, elongate, tail base narrow; no V shaped ridge on top of head; gill openings wide, extending above pectoral fins; mouth large, extends to under center of eye or further back, overhung by snout; chin barbel short; well developed patch of teeth on front of roof of mouth; fins without spines; 2 dorsal fins, 1st short based and triangular, 8-13 rays, the first ray elongated, second dorsal long based, with straight edge; 1 anal fin, long based, without an indentation on edge; pelvic fins under end of opercle, bases well separated, with 2 rays forming long feelers; tail fin separate from dorsal and anal fins, well developed, rounded; pectoral fin not reaching beyond anal fin origin; scales round, overlapping, not set at right angles; lateral line complete, part on head with pores.

A genus with 5 species from the E Pacific and N Atlantic; 1 species entering shallow water in our area.