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Genus: Laemonema, Codlings, Shortbeard Codling

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snout round
2 Ds
tail strongly tapering
C small, round
+ chin barbel
pelvics under end opercle, bases separated, each 2 rays
1A; long based
belly - NO black pits





Body tapering to a very narrow tail base; no V shaped ridge on top of head; snout rounded; eye large, ~1/4-1/3 of head length; mouth large, extends to under center of eye or further back, overhung by snout; few or no teeth on front of roof of mouth; a chin barbell present; gill openings wide, extending above pectoral fins; fins without spines; 2 dorsal fins, 1st short based and triangular, second long based; 1 long based anal fin that is not greatly indented; pelvic fins under end of opercle, bases well separated, each of 2 long rays; tail fin separate from dorsal and anal fins, small, rounded, symmetrical; scales round, overlapping, not set at right angles, lateral line complete; no light organ visible as black pits on belly before anus.

A worldwide temperate to subtropical genus with ~20 species; 1 W Atlantic species in the Greater Caribbean.