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Genus: Polymixia, Beardfish, Beardfishes

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snout short, round
large eye
1 pr barbels well behind chin



Body elongate, compressed, oval in cross-section; eye large; snout rounded and prominent; mouth ~horizontal, lower jaw shorter, extends past rear of eye, with 2 extra bones above expanded main rear bone; teeth minute, in bands, on tongue as well as jaws and on center, sides and rear of roof of mouth; 7 rays (1st 3 minute, only last 4 visible) on membrane under gill cover; a pair of long barbells under lower jaws, well behind chin; dorsal and anal fin with spines; 1 dorsal fin, long base IV-VI, 26-38; anal fin III-IV, 15-18; pelvics origin behind pectorals; tail fin forked, with spines on upper and lower base; scales spiny, moderately large, 31-37 with lateral line pores.

A circumglobal genus, with 11 species, 3 (2 W Atlantic, 1 trans-Atlantic) in our area.