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Genus: Chlorophthalmus, Shortnose Greeneye, Greeneyes

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snout short (< eye)
palatine teeth minute
vomer: no fangs
anus 2-3 scales behind pelvic base



Body slender, ~oval in cross-section; head ~30% of SL; snout somewhat depressed, pointed, relatively short (< eye length); eye large, green, pupil teardrop shaped & with a pointed space before it; lower jaw protruding, with a knob on the chin; top jaw bone slightly expanded at rear, reaches just behind front of eye, with a single small extra bone above the expanded part; no teeth on tongue; center of roof of mouth without a pair of large fangs;  teeth on sides of roof of mouth minute, restricted to front of bone; fins without spines; dorsal fin in front 1/3 of body, its origin before pelvic fin origin; with more rays than anal fin (10-11 vs 7-9); a small skin-flap (adipose) 2nd dorsal fin at rear of body over center of anal fin; pectorals on midflank, inserted before origins of dorsal and anal fins; anus near pelvic fins, separated by only 2-3 scales from base of pelvic fins; lateral line complete; scales rough or smooth.

A circumglobal genus with ~17 species; 1 cosmopolitan species and 1 west Atlantic species in the Greater Caribbean.