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Genus: Neoconger, Ridged Eel, Spaghetti Eels

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body ~1/2 TL
D origin before anus
LL ends near anus
upper jaw projecting





Elongate, worm-like, strongly compressed near tail; tail about half TL; head conical, pointed overhanging snout; eye small, skin covered; teeth small, conical, 1-2 rows on jaws; nostrils non-tubular, rear one a little in front of middle of eye; pectoral present, small, behind top of vertical, lateral gill opening; dorsal begins a little before anus; dorsal and anal fins low, fleshy, confluent with well developed tail fin; lateral line on body to level of anus; only pores on head are on lower jaw.

The tropical genus, has 3 species, one endemic to the eastern Pacific, one in eastern Australia, and one west Atlantic species that occurs in the Greater Caribbean.