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Genus: Platystacus, Banded Banjo Catfish, Banjos

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top jaw barbel joined to head by membrane, no accessory barbel
flank - 3-4 ridges
2 pairs lower barbels, under head only





Head and front of body broad and flattened; body long, slender, tapering to a whiplike end; a strong bony shield on top of head; eyes tiny; front and rear nostrils separated by a space >nostril diameter; mouth under head; a pair of barbels at top lip that have a membrane joining them to side of head, without a small associated barbel; underside of head and belly with only 2 pairs of barbels; gill opening a tiny slit before pectoral fin base; dorsal fin base short, with a weak spine; no skin flap 2nd dorsal fin; anal fin with a very long base, 50-60 rays; pectoral fin low on side, with a strong lockable spine; no scales; 3-4 ridges along side of body.

A genus of primarily freshwater catfish from S America; 1 species, in brackish water that enters the southern fringe of the Greater Caribbean.